Our School

  • King’s Wood is a parent owned school. Parents form the Board of Directors and are involved in decisions made regarding all aspects of running the school.
  • Special events and celebrations take place in the classrooms for the children throughout the year for birthdays, the change of seasons and celebration of the countries we are studying.
  • Every year we host events for the entire family to participate in such as a hayride and a museum night which foster a strong sense of community within the families of the school and to help form lasting parent and staff relationships. Each year there are children whose parents were also students at King’s Wood!
  • Children have the unique opportunity to be with the same teacher for the duration of their stay here. This not only gives the children a deep sense of security, but it also provides the opportunity for them to form close bonds with their teachers and allows the teachers to understand each childs interest’s, learning style and idiosyncracies.
  • We have more than 40 years of experience giving us a literal and figurative storehouse of materials and activities to engage the wide ranging interests of individual children.