What makes King’s Wood Special?

By Kristen Levy – King’s Wood Parent

King’s Wood is a special place. I felt it the first time I walked through its door 3 1/2 years ago. If you were to ask me back then what was so special about it, I would have simply replied, “I don’t know, it’s just this feeling I have and it is hard to explain.”

Needless to say I am not sure my answer did the school th e justice it deserved and even after all this time it is still difficult to describe in a quick and casual conversation, but what I can do is answer the question “What makes King’s Wood special?”

On a recent day trip with my family to Concord, MA my son Sean said something to me about King’s Wood and as soon as he said it, that special feeling came rushing back. I was reading to him about Henry David Thoreau and children, desperately trying to interest him in some way. While my reading did not excite him about our adventure, it did excite him about something, his school.

Here is what I read:

…But as Thoreau gained experience as a teacher and when he began teaching in his own private school rather than in the public school, he gradually learned to relax and become one with children. He played games with them. He took them on hikes in the woods. He took them out onto the ponds in his boat in the summer and arranged skating races on the ice in winter. In his mathematics classes he taught them how to survey and, to acquaint them with the Indians, showed them how to excavate an actual Indian Village. When he walked along the streets of Concord, we are told, the children would walk along with him, holding his hand. In later years when the school was closed, the children continued coming to see him. They would visit him at his Walden cabin or stop to talk with him on the streets. They looked upon him with affection, gratitude, and enthusiasm.

Harding, Walter (2010). Thoreau and Children. Geneseo, New York:  James Brunner Publisher

I said to Sean, “he sounds like a great teacher. I would have liked to have gone to a school like that.” Sean replied, “Mommy, I do go to a school like that. That is what my teachers are like. We go for hikes in the woods and to frog pond and we even try to skate on it if it is cold enough.”

He was right and to him there was nothing new or special about it. It’s just his definition of school and that is pretty special.

So now I ask you, what makes King’s Wood so special?

(leave your special answers in the comments below)

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One Response to “What makes King’s Wood Special?”

  1. King’s Wood is special because of the curious, vibrant, and authentic children (like Sean) that spend their mornings and afternoons with us!