King’s Wood Holiday Cocktail Party

 “It is not human nature for all men to tread the same path of development, as animals do of a single species.”  ~ Maria Montessori

What would bring an accountant, a hair stylist, a hockey player and a gynecologist to the Hulbig’s home on a rainy Friday night in December to share appetizers, drinks and stories? The King’s Wood Montessori Annual Holiday Cocktail party of course!photo 2 - OK

I had arrived a bit early that evening; my intention being to assist in any last minute details. Other than lighting a few candles there was not much for me to do. The environment was cozy, inviting and perfectly prepared for a party.

The guests arrived and with them came appetizers, desserts, drinks, character and charm. A sense of peace emerged as the Hulbig’s home began to buzz with conversation and laughter. As I made my journey to fill my plate or replenish my drink; I was delightfully distracted by various conversations. I was impressed with the serial entrepreneur (as his wife affectionately defines his careers) for designing his own evening attire. I shared the details of my early education at a Catholic School fifteen minutes away with a woman whose childhood and education began in Korea.

I spent the entire evening moving from one interesting moment to the next. At each stop there was somphoto 9 - OKphoto 12 - OKething to be learned, a reason to smile and a new found respect. As I drove home from the party I began to make mental notes of each detail and conversation so that I could write my first blog post for the King’s Wood Website. How would I write about it? What was it that was so special about this party? Why did such a diverse group of people choose to be at the same place together that night?

photo 15 - OK

After some thought I realized that the answer was quite simple. It was the peophoto 5 - OKple that photo 6 - OKmade it special. It was the willingness of people to open their door and the confidence of others to be themselves as they walked through that door. The true bond that night was the shared ability to appreciate and value the unique charm and talent brought by all. I guess it should have been obvious since only a few hours before, a little ways down the road all of our children were together with their staff and teachers at 12 Gilmore Street doing exactly the same. (Minus the cocktails of course!) ~ Kristen Levy



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